How'd you do this || Edition 01
In our new blog "How'd you do this" Brooke is giving you advices and tips you didn't knew you needed! Enjoy!

- From : Aloïs Brewer

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Liv Carter

Liv Carter Great advice Brooke

Iseul Kim

Iseul Kim Haha as an Instructor I disagree but otherwise...i'd love to see it

Lena Arabella

Lena Arabella Why would you want to skip class TT but this may work on some level

Roseanne Kingsley

Roseanne Kingsley Nobody skip my class I shall hunt you down

Jean Campbell

Jean Campbell My gosh, I never realized that so much planning and manifesting had to be done to skip class... maybe I should try it sometime :3

Avelle Kopelyn

Avelle Kopelyn Locve this Brookie! Brilliant job!

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