Amelia's Interviews: Yi-Jin Sato
This is the first edition of Amelia's Interviews! The concept is quite simple: I will interview people from the site and ask them a few questions, and the first one is no other than Yi-Jin Sato!

- From : Juniper DiLaurentis

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Josie Wilder

Josie Wilder Ahhh! I love this interview! Amazing work Amelia

Yi-jin Sato

Yi-jin Sato This was a lot of fun! Thanks Amelia!

Alexander Black

Alexander Black what a great interview, Amelia! always nice to learn about our amazing Erudite Representative <3

Shiloh Wilder

Shiloh Wilder what an amazing blog amelia!!!

Shiloh Wilder

Shiloh Wilder omg i love this!

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