Secret Spilling With Linn | Edition 001
Ever looked at someone and wonder how many secrets they must be hiding? Who knows how many unrevealed dark mysteries one must be hiding behind their mask of innocence? But it's okay, Linnaea has got your back! She is here to reveal all the secrets about the residents of Chicago. Let's look at whose secrets she is spilling today, shall we?

- From : IdaOni Matravers

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Josie Wilder

Josie Wilder Oh, amazing article Linn!!! <3

Liv Carter

Liv Carter Ahhh, this is really sweet

Antonia Beischel

Antonia Beischel Love this!!

Jensen Wilder

Jensen Wilder Amazing. I see Shiloh's pillow in the fridge thing hasn't changed, as for Emilie, well she's the best thing that happened to us!

Sofía Cardenas

Sofía Cardenas Awesome blog Linn Linn! And oh my, the pillow one is a truly clever idea :o

Shiloh Wilder

Shiloh Wilder There’s something super true in this diary, is… never say you hate sushi in front of me. XD

Rory Alonso

Rory Alonso I loved this so much! You did very well and remind me to run from you if you come after me XD

Ivanna Schmidt

Ivanna Schmidt Love this!!

Kai Singh

Kai Singh YES LINN MY WIFE :D !!

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