What season are you?
Have you guys always wondered what season you may or may not be? Well, look no further, I got a little handy test to see what season YOU are.

- From : Juniper DiLaurentis

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Adalee Kapetanov

Adalee Kapetanov winter and spring !! loved this quiz article blog :3

Josie Wilder

Josie Wilder So I am about 50/50 Summer and Winter XD How even?

Harlow Brewer

Harlow Brewer SUMMER

Cayden Hollister

Cayden Hollister Summer and Winter :P

Dong-Hyun Yijin

Dong-Hyun Yijin Spring!

Himiko Takasu

Himiko Takasu Winter is fun!

Hioki Bassiano

Hioki Bassiano Winter!!

Bethany Takami

Bethany Takami I got a tie of Winter and Autumn

Arthur Trevillo

Arthur Trevillo How did I tie with Spring, Winter, AND Summer xD

Selah Rivers

Selah Rivers Autumn for me <3

Eris Mayhem

Eris Mayhem Winter for me!

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