#2 || Helpful Ways To . . .
This is the second edition of Helpful Ways To . . . ! In this issue, I'll be providing tips that are dedicated to helping you handle procrastination!

- From : Juniper DiLaurentis

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Liv Carter

Liv Carter This is actually something I needed to read! Will help a lot with RL work

Yi-jin Sato

Yi-jin Sato This helps so much. I recently started highschool and homework has become... a bit of a problem. Thanks so much Levi! You're the helpfulness guru, I swear!

Zoía O'dair

Zoía O'dair llove this!

Leonor Ward

Leonor Ward Levi are you telepath? I was actually doing my shedule between irl and wox to not procrastinate! lovely blog!

Shiloh Wilder

Shiloh Wilder Such a good article Levi!! And very interesting hmmm

David Reynolds

David Reynolds These are the things that make me happy that I don't work or go to college.

Dahlia Graceford

Dahlia Graceford To-do list help, as well as doing the pomodoro method, but I'm a really bad procrastinator. I'll try doing this next, thanks Levi!!

Chase Madden

Chase Madden What an amazing article!!! But also like i did make a schedual and it did not work XD hence why i dropped everything to read this article! <3

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